How I See Agency

The idea that I can make my own decisions, is hard to grasp.  I make decisions every second of every minute of every day.  And I still cannot grasp the idea of agency.  Why is that?  As a Christian, I believe in agency, it is in part because of agency that Christians believe humanity needs a savior.  But, as I observe the people of the world and more closely those whom I know.  I have come to the conclusion that God does not have a specific plan for me.  I will use the phrase “it’s a dog eat, dog world.”  The world is full of those who grasp the idea of agency, those who do not and those who are in the middle.  Those who grasp the idea of agency are those who use it cleverly and wise.  Those are the ones that gain wealth, power, revelation, and peace.  They seem to make all the right choices.  There are those that make the same stupid choices over and over again, and they know it.  Often times they will even admit it to you.  Yet, they believe they cannot choose a different path or route.  They are stuck where they are at.  Those who understand agency realize, no one is going to make their choice for them.  No one is going to make them get over their fear and start doing what they believe in.  The others, those who are stuck.  They believe there is some plan tailored only for them.  They wait for something good to happen.  These people, they don’t get the idea of agency.  We all must act, or we will be acted upon.  Most of us, especially myself, lie right in the middle of these two groups.  We manage agency well enough to get through life somewhat happy and satisfied.  How will I start thinking of agency in the future?  Will I start making my own plans?


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