The Need for Teaching

Books are good teachers, in fact, I would say they might be one of the best teachers.  But, without the slightest doubt, parents are the best teachers.  Maybe it would be better to say that parents are the most effective teachers, whether they know it or not.  Both parents and books are needed to teach children, students and the world.  We the people, need to be taught and parents must take on the role of educator.  Because the world is in chaos.  This is my perception, another person fifty years ago said the same thing, the world is in chaos.  This is not a new sentiment and not even worth mentioning.  None the less, I fell it is true.  Fear runs rapid, not necessarily fear of losing one’s life, but fear of not having prosperity.  I may no longer be a dystopian conservative, but fear of the world falling apart is real.  I wonder at how peaceful of a future my children will inherit, or how prosperous their futures will be.  How to get through the fear?  In today’s world, the solutions for the madness can be found by the millions on the internet.  So why not throw my idea for a solution out amongst the millions as well?

The solution is students (meaning everyone), needs to stop watching party swayed TV news.  Listen to a well-balanced radio news station, and rand journals and newspapers.  And of course books, lots of books.  Books expand the mind, reveal truth, and show that all of humanity is at fault in one way or another.  This is why books are such excellent teachers.  But, most important of all, parents filling the role of educator.  Do I mean that parents need to homeschool?  No.  Do I mean the parents need to adopt the Chinese method of parenting?  No.  I am simply saying that parents be evolved, engaged and excited about their children’s education.  When the twelve-year-old is studying the science textbook, pick it up and study it too.  If the high schooler is reading “To Kill a Mocking Bird,” then read it as well.  Ask each other questions about education.  And beyond this, parents come to understand at some point that their children observe everything they do and say.  So maybe we as parents should give to the needy, show the rule of law, be compassionate, be critical at times, and show love a little more.  This is the real teaching.  Maybe then, the madness will quiet down.

This idea only works if students step up and read, and parents become educators.  I am sure that the world will be in chaos for a while to longer.  I agree with the quote accredited to Plato “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”  But, I also agree that love, the rule of law and education is a good place to start calming the chaos.  Now, I will go and read “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.”


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