Article Review

                                              “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” Review

                In an article titled “Why Chinese Mothers Superior?”, the author Amy Chua states the claim clearly in the title of the article.  Are Chinese Mothers Superior in educating their children and helping their children be better prepared for the future?  The article is loaded with evidence that meets up to the phrase stated in the title, yes the Chinese method is superior, the children are better prepared for the future.  Highlighting the differences between Chinese culture and western culture, the author points out several things that the Chinese mother can get away with and the western mother cannot.  The Chinese parent is allowed and to be straight forward with their children, telling them bluntly what needs to be done.  The Western parent must tiptoe around issues and often times convince their children what needs to be done.  And while some western parents may think that they are strict, this strictness does not come close to the Chinese method.  The Chinese parent expects to be engaged, while the western parent questions the child’s ability to do things on their own.  In the end, the author leaves the reader with the idea that parents know what is best for their children, and should take a larger role in helping educate their children.

I found this article intriguing not necessarily representing my opinion on parenting or the role of the parent in education.  I simply think that there are many things to learn from all cultures. 


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