How I See Agency (Continued)

It’s hard to hold back the rushing river of doubt.  It’s hard to damn it up and slow it down before it reaches an ocean of questions.  It’s an exhausting task to battle the river, and an even more exhausting task to stay afloat on an ocean where questions cause waves that wish to drown a person.  What questions cause such waves?  What questions could be damaging to an individual’s life that the individual could drown?  Some of these could be.  Why am I here?  Where am I going?  What should I do with my life?  So much doubt rushes into these questions.  Why can’t I choose something to do?  Why have I not found my purpose in life?  Am I not making the right choices?  Is that why God has not given my direction?  Why is life so hard?

In the book “Divergent.”  A society operates around an aptitude test, a test that nearly answers all the questions above.  Note this is a test in a science fiction book, the test in the book is nearly 100 percent accurate.  So an aptitude test in the real world is not anything like the test in the book.  The society operates well using this test.  That is until people thinking outside of their specified thinking box decide to mess up the whole society.  While eventually the book shows how these aptitude tests are evil.  If these tests were real, would they seem evil?  Right now it would be a good guess that the majority of people in western societies would run and take that test and it would not seem the one bit evil, but it would be considered a blessing.

In short, people want to be told what to do with their lives.  In American and western society where they are many choices that must be made.  These people no longer live in a society where they are forced to do what their dad has done.  They no longer are restricted to geographical boundaries.  There is a whole world full of choices, paths, and routes that can be taken.  This is a confusing world.  And amidst all the routes, there are many doubts that rush into questions and simply scare people.  College creates debt, college no longer guarantee jobs, doctors don’t always get rich, there are an over saturation of musicians and writers, blue color jobs don’t pay very well, and so on.  People are torn between money and passion.   People want there to a method to fight the madness.  People want direction, guidance, many Christians want a God give plan, many are looking for a purpose in life.

Yes, if the “Divergent” aptitude test was available, nearly all of western society would take it.  Of course people in western society claims to like freedom of choice.  Right?  God has a plan for you.  Right?  Freedom brings prosperity and God wants you to prosper.  Why then do people want to find an individual plan tailored uniquely for them?  To navigate their prosperity?  Is it because people are scared and don’t want to take responsibility for their actions?  It is because scriptures teach that God has a plan for you?

The Constitution does not care about an individual’s personal economic situation; it only creates the environment for the individual to create his or her own economic situation.  It very well could be that God does not care about what house you buy, where you go to school, what job you do and what passion drives you.  God has a purpose for everyone.  Live the gospel by following its standards and teachings, spread the gospel and give charity to others.  Is there really a passion imbedded in each individual?  Or is that provided by DNA, the family culture and the stories that build the individual?  Fear is what makes people think they need to find a coded, special encrypted plan for life.


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  1. teaismyjam says:

    Interesting post. I like your style of writing! 😃
    I’d like if you could check out my work as well.


  2. adeviousmind says:

    Thanks for reading!


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