My Appeal To Atheism and Why I Still Beleive

There is a real appeal to atheism, and I believe Christians should understand it.  The idea that I have only one life to live, and that is now.  The idea that I am only going to be with the ones I love now, so love them as much as I can.  I only have one chance to fulfill my dreams and goals, so achieve them now.

In my experience, the atheist that I know, the true atheist, not the agnostics that claim to be an atheist.  Are loving, giving and moral people beyond many believers I know.  On several occasions, they have explained to me that they have become this type of person because of the choice they made to be an atheist.  When I enquire why that is, I have received the same general answer.  “The idea of eternity makes one become lazy here in the now.”  How true it is, at least for me.

When thinking of the eternity, I as myself.  What will heaven be like?  Who else will be there?  What would hell be like?  Who will be there?  Will I fulfill my dreams there?  Will I no longer have any desires?  The questions could go on and on.  When the real question that should be asked is.  What can I do now?

I think many believers ask themselves similar questions.  Many of the atheist I know profess how they love community now more than they did when they were believers.  Because they ask themselves the last question.  What can I do now?

Here is how the idea of eternity and an afterlife can hurt a believer.  The gospel is action, we should “mourn with those who mourn.”  Serve the community at the highest level possible.  If we worry too much about keeping commandments or focusing on the “thou shalt not’s,” so that we can go to heaven.  We may not be committing large sins, but we are not acting on the gospel, the gospel that says we should serve others.  Living the gospel, following Christ, being a disciple is now.  If we do not follow Him now, why would we do so in eternity?  In essence, the question that could be asked is.  Are the “thou shalt not’s” keeping me from doing the “thou shalt’s?”

Here is my appeal to atheism.  Christianity seems to sometimes in some way get in the way of me serving others.  It shouldn’t be like this.  So I must change this understanding.  The gospel should bring hope to others, not keep believers guarding their door afraid to let the world in.  The believer should go out the door, preach hope and salvation and serve others, “love they neighbor as they self.”  The gospel of action is why I still believe in Christ.  His actions are why I still believe.  Of course, I still suffer from every problem that I mentioned in this post, so I still have much serving and changing to do.


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  1. KIA says:

    Do you think there are only two options, christianity or atheism?


    1. adeviousmind says:

      No. But because I am only familiar with Christianity that is all I feel comfortable talking about.

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      1. KIA says:

        So, a follow up, if I may. Do you think all non Christians are by default atheists?


      2. adeviousmind says:

        I believe in evolution, so atheism is not simply believing in evolution it is something more.


      3. KIA says:

        You are right. Atheism has nothing to do with evolution. It is simply an answer to one question “do you believe in God or gods” their answer would be “I don’t believe” as an agnostics answer would be “I don’t know”.
        Plenty of Christians and believers of other Faiths also believe in evolution and other scientific understandings of the reality we live in. They are able to separate the truth claims of their faith from the reality of how things are and either maintain that both are true but in different senses ( cognitive dissonance and a kind of double mindedness) or they care about how things really are and that the truth claims of their faith are out of line with reality, and they deconvert, like I did from Christianity. But not necessarily become atheists, also like me. I deconverted from christianity, but would not refer to myself as atheist. I’m more agnostic now. “I don’t know, but let’s find out”

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      4. adeviousmind says:

        My appeal is to what I think of as true atheism. A disbelief in God and any type of afterlife. Why? because it offers so much motivation for this life. While I think Christianity does too. Many, myself included, seem to let a belief in God and an afterlife not be motivation for the now.

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      5. KIA says:

        The question of why isn’t for why would you believe, that’s easy… the Evidence simply doesn’t support what Christianity teaches. The question should be why would you believe that a man rises from death, that man actually being the son of a god who was divinely inseminated and born by a virgin?
        The person making the claim has the responsibility to demonstrate why I should believe him, it’s not up to the person not believing to demonstrate why he doesn’t. Both of course are rightly answered by one word. Evidence


      6. adeviousmind says:

        All have faith in something. The majority of atheist and the agnostics believe (which belief is faith) that there is a natural law that governs the world even if it be completely natural. There is evidence through ” miracles” and so on that the governing force is a deity. Furthermore, I believe that there is evidence in Christ by the way his teachings have changed peoples lives. The same view people of other religions probably view their faith. Of course the belief in God has been abused by men using it as power throughout all human history.


  2. adeviousmind says:

    No. Even though I am Christian I have a hard time believing that it is the only true belief in God.


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