Finding The “Why”

I read a subscription letter this morning from one of my favorite bloggers/writers. The blogger can write very well; he has even helped write a New York Times bestselling book. In his letter, he shared the idea that it is not necessarily important to know “how” to do things, but rather know the “why” we do things. As usual, he used real life examples of how people did not know to do something, but they knew the “why” and the “how” came along.
The article made me think of “why” I started this blog a little over a month ago. When I am sure it is clear to most have read any of my posts that I cannot write very well. In other words, I don’t know “how” to do this. So why did I start doing this?
I have no rhyme or reason or consistent topic that I write about. In fact, I just tend to write about anything that comes to my mind that day or what I have been thinking about for the last few days. I have no platform like most good blogs should.
In a world that is loud, many are trying to make their voices heard, many are trying to get their idea out there. There are many opinions about the issues of the world that can be found on blogs. Many of these bloggers think they have the answers for many of these issues, and they probably do. Many of them simply wish to add value to society.
And that is my “why” as well. I simply think that I can contribute something useful on the topics of religion, education, the environment, and politics. I know there are several other who already do this, and they are all better than I am at doing it. The main theme that I would like to get across in my blog is that people can change their views. Why? I believe changing your world views is a form of growth. Of course not everybody changes in the same direction. My growth or change seems to come by taking the long way around. I could just be a slow learner. The world changes, and as the world changes it naturally wants to change my personal views. And that is not always a bad thing.
What I have come to learn by taking the long way around might have some value for others. And that I “why” I wish to share my thoughts, even though I don’t know “how” to very well yet.


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