Don’t Forget About The Others

I know many people think that the country is doomed depending on which presidential candidate gets elected. I myself even think from time to time that the country is doomed if a certain candidate I don’t like gets elected. But, don’t forget about the other 469 congressmen who are also up for election. Yes, despite what the news always tells us, there are other important representatives trying to get elected that need our attention besides the presidential candidates.
The president might be the most powerful person in the land, but he or she cannot pass many large scale laws without congress. If you don’t like the Patriot Act, don’t solely blame President Bush, blame the congress. If you don’t like the Affordable Care Act, don’t solely blame President Obama, blame the congress. Or praise the congress for passing these laws if you are in support of them. The point is, the country is not run by one branch of government, the executive. There are two other branches involved and the legislative is needed to help pass laws.
Every four years’ people seem to forget about the others. When I ask people I meet about which senate or house candidate they like. They generally don’t even know the name of the incumbent or the opponent. Many respond by saying that, “congress is no longer important, the president holds all the power now, the president makes all the decisions.” They continue ranting on about executive orders. Let me say this. The use of the executive order is no more used today by President Obama than by President Theodore Roosevelt a hundred years ago. Congress is still needed.
And when I start asking about state, county, and city representatives. Most people are more lost than they were when I asked about the U.S. congressman. If you don’t think these people matter. I advise you to look into your local laws, local schools, local infrastructure, local businesses and see how much IS affected by these local representatives.
So before November. Look and see if there is a senator race in your state. Look at the options for your house representative. And if you really want change at the local level, don’t look to the presidential candidates for help, look at your local representatives.
A president can promise all the change in the world, but if congress is not on the side of the president, those promises don’t mean much. I hope people can breakthrough this idea that the presidential race is the only election that matters. And I would like to end by saying to vote your conscience and hold no party allegiance.


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  1. Rhea says:

    I just want to say thank you for putting this out there. It’s an argument I regularly have with folks who are quite insistent on blaming a president for all the things they don’t like, while conveniently forgetting the way the system works.

    Have an awesome day!

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