When Time “Drags On”

I know most people say time flies.  And yes, for me time flies.  But more often than not, I get a different type of feeling about time.  During the day, I often feel like time drags on, think to myself that I have a hundred other things that I would rather be or should be doing.  Truth is, I only get that feeling that time flies, when I think back on my life or at the end of the day before I’m about to go to bed.  

I have come to realize, that I am a lazy person.  While I may be keeping busy throughout the day, am I doing things that are making good use of time?  Sure we all have to work to put food on the table, and sometimes or most of the time that might not be enjoyable.  But I don’t think it’s work that makes a bad use of time.  It is what we do when we are not working.  And it’s during this time frame when I swear time drags on.  

Sometimes I’ll “wind down,” whatever that means.  Sometimes I’ll get caught up spending more time sorting through fake news (stop using Facebook to get news and this won’t happen) than I will reading the real news.  Sometimes I’ll spend time googling information that might be important, but probably approaching it wrong.  Sometimes I’ll watch a movie.  Yes, movies are good, but some are a waste of time and we all know it.  I consider myself lucky that I could care less about reality TV, I don’t know of one reality TV show that I like.  That being said, what am I doing that makes me think time is dragging on?  

I think it is all those things that I mentioned that makes time drag on in the moment, but then seem like it slipped away before I go to bed.  We all want knowledge in some category of life, we all want to be informed about what is right and what is wrong.  During my free time I try and seek after these things, but more often than not I find nothing. Maybe I should read news from a credible source, maybe I should only watch a movie that has a relatable story to humanity, maybe I should focus my google research to one topic per night, maybe I should just check out a library book on the subject instead of googling it?  

I have came to this conclusion recently.  Time only seems to “drag on” when I know that I am wasting it by doing nothing to improve myself or my family.  I would say the family gathering to read “Thomas the Train” would be improving the family.  How many times have I done that this last week?  I think there is a lot that we can do to improve our vigor and make time work in our favor, even though I know we will all run out of time someday.        


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