Taking Something as Truth, When We Don’t Have a Clue

I accept gravity as truth, I accept photosynthesis as truth, I accept that the reason why the sky is blue is because molecules in the air scatter blue light.  I accept these things as truth, but I don’t have a clue how they work.  I finished reading the book “The Martian” a couple of days ago, which inspired me to understand the science behind gravity.  The inspiration didn’t last long.  I can now tell you the basics of how I have been told gravity works. But in reality, I don’t have a clue how it works.


Isn’t funny how we accept so many things as truths such as gravity, when we don’t understand anything about them?  Furthermore, isn’t funny how we refuse to accept things as truths, when we understand nearly everything about them.  I mean, most people think that the earth revolves around the sun.  Now according to science, this is only partly true.  The sun, the earth, and all the other planets revolve around a center mass in the solar system.  But why would we accept this as truth?  Have we been able to fly a starship to an altitude where we can witness all this?  How can anything be sure knowledge, be sure truth, when it seems like everything is nothing more than a calculated guess?


It seems that faith is needed for a lot more than just belief in a God.  Perhaps this idea of truth is nothing more than belief?  After all, we have been told that we can believe in whatever we want. We don’t have to believe that gravity exists, but most of us do.  Perhaps the only things that are truths, are in the way that human beings treat one another.  Some are kind, some are mean, some kill, some prolong life, and some do not care about others.  Though I believe we all suffer from some form of selfishness.


I am not saying that we should stop caring about science, religion or anything else that takes faith to believe in.  I am saying that maybe looking at how we treat one another is the most important thing that we have control over and that we can take as truth.  That belief should not separate our actions in how we treat one another.  That regardless of the “truths” that people believe in, everyone deserves our equal attention for care and love.



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