All the Wasted Thoughts of Pain and Bliss

Watching the snow fall outside the fourth-floor window of a school building and reading a text book that deserves much attention, but is failing to receive it, is quite a beautiful experience.  The phone right in front of me placed on the teachers teaching podium looks like it hasn’t been dusted in some time.  The teacher’s podium is built of oak with strong, wide black rings visible through its natural stain.  The bricks are painted with a thin layer of white paint.  I say thin because the texture of the bricks is highly visible.  What about this experience is beautiful?  I don’t know, but it is.

Have you ever lived in the past?  Have you ever lived in the future?  Have you felt the pain of what you have become and what you hope to be?  If so, you are like me.  If so, we are living, breathing, and thinking about something that does not exist.  If so, what we are doing NOW, doesn’t matter.  If so, we are living a lie of what has been and what will be.

Manage, what is manageable, say with respect and discernment what is your position.  Listen to what others are saying.  Listen to the imperfect words we all use to describe a situation in the past, or in the future.  Stop thinking about the pain and bliss of what was past and what is to come.  And start living now.


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