Weary of Dreams and Goals?

I am weary of dreams and goals.  They seem to do nothing more than propel my mind into an endless ocean of ideas, where I get drowned in doubt, fear, ambition, possibility, and anticipation.  The easiest cure for this is to simply stop dreaming and making goals.  But, I doubt that is going to happen.  No, I think the real cure for this problem is to manage what is manageable, accept what is out of my control, and then formulate and share my position on issues that are out of my control.  In other words, I am concluding that living in the present is the best way to achieve dreams and goals.

The future cannot be managed and the past may contribute, but should not dictate who we are.  The present is what we can manage; the present is where choices are made and sins are committed.  There are things that we can and cannot do.  And to accept that we cannot do something is not giving up on a dream or goal, but rather realizing that if we act in the present, we then can achieve the goal.  The goal should be the target, but not the decision maker, the goal should be a place of enlightenment, not dictate our thoughts and actions.  The present gives us plenty of opportunities to think and act.  Thinking and acting on something that hasn’t even happened yet is stupidity.

So yes, for most of my goal seeking life, I have been acting stupidly.  Take a lesson from me.  Letting a dream or a goal dictate our actions and thoughts now, will not allow us to achieve them.  Living, thinking, and acting in the present with the target in mind seems to work better.  So if you are weary of dreams and goals, start living in the omniscient present.


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