The Revealing Air of Superiority

An air of superiority is running rapid in America.  This new superiority is not in America as a whole.  In fact, the nation seems to be starting down the path of decline in its world power as it is now scrambling to “hold up” deals and can no longer make new ones.  This air of superiority that I am writing about, is dividing it.

As one acquaintance of mine put it recently, “I don’t trust us” (us – meaning the American citizenry).  Yet he is a “conservative” hoping that the federal government will lose power and give that power back to the states and to the “people” (people – meaning the American citizenry).  Or in the “Times” I read of people refusing to rent apartments to Trump supporters.  Something I like to call Trump Supporter Shaming.

But this, this is not the divide, the divide lies deeper.  It lies in the idea that the “educated” are the only people smart enough to not support Trump.  And if educated people do support Trump, they must not have truly been educated.  It lies in the idea that we are all created equal until I know that I am right and you are wrong.  Then the equality disseminates and only I am remaining because I am right.  It seems both sides of this divide have stumbled upon a “truth.”  That is, both sides believe they have a monopoly on the truth.

Still, this divide grows deeper.  It grows deeper by the fact that people in rural areas know nothing of city life, and people in the cities know nothing of rural life.  That people are no longer connected to the things that bring us together.  For example, food, how many people besides the farmer, the food processor, and the retailer know where their food comes from?  How it is produced, processed, and shipped to the store from where they buy it?

This divide lies in the idea that we the people of this nation won’t accept the social, economic, and governmental messes that our ancestors created, that we still are creating, and will continue to create if we don’t start acting different and use what tools we have available now to fix these issues.  Looking to the past for insight is good, looking to the past as a savior is wrong, looking to the past to point fingers is also wrong.  We must start dealing with the present moment and not be afraid of what might transpire.

Yet the problem with what I am saying is this.  Even I believe that I have a monopoly on the truth.  Or why else would I be preaching such things if I did not believe them?  Respect of truths, pure debate, and humbleness would do us all a bit of good.





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