Questions on Secularism and Christian Hypocrisy

Write how I talk and what I think about.  That sounds crazy.  Maybe I will give it a try.  No.  I am pretty sure if I wrote how I talked my writing would be even worse than it already is.  And if I wrote what I thought about I would sound like a raging lunatic, an extremist, a staunch conservative, a staunch liberal, an absolute madman.  Maybe I will give it a try.

I am reading the excellent book by John Steinbeck titled, “The Grapes of Wrath.”  Even though Steinbeck got the location of the dust bowl, the crops that caused it, and the type of people who fled it all wrong.  It is still a good book.  One that I would recommend to everyone.  Steinbeck is much like Mark Twain in the sense that both took Christian hypocrisy seriously.  Both writers often have characters reference the flaws of Christianity, but also the strengths, but mostly just the hypocrisy.  Because we are human, we are all entitled to hypocrisy.  However, does hypocrisy run rapid through Christianity like Steinbeck and Twain make it out to be?

I for one will say yes, it is as bad as Steinbeck and Twain make it out to be, and I am living proof of that.  But while they seem to view this hypocrisy as something that makes Christianity false, I ask.  If hypocrisy makes Christianity false, then would not all belief systems be false?  After all, no one can live up to their belief system without being a hypocrite every once in while.

Let us say that Christianity and other religions that have the superstitious belief in a Deity of some sort are false.  Does secularism have the answer for this mess?  Or is it simply a belief system that takes the superstitious belief in Deities out and replaces it with non-superstitious beliefs?  In other words, does secularism really create a “free thinking society?”  Would a religious free world rid us of wars and famines?  Are religions the reason why there is no peace on the earth?  Maybe so.  In fact, I would say yes to this last question.  However, will our inherent evil simply vanish if we give up our superstitious beliefs, think “logically,” and try to create this secularist utopia?  For some reason I doubt it.

In conclusion, of absolutely nothing, because I never presented anything that I could conclude in the first place.  All I did was ask some questions.  I suggest that a free thinking, peaceful society is created by people allowed to believe in whatever they want.  And that debate should be something sought after.  I am not saying we need to be constantly debating our neighbors.  And that compromise might be one of the truest forms of love that humans can offer one another.


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