Assumptions are Generally Bad

During a time or two in my life, I have thought about leaving my religious convictions behind and turn to the “modern” and “scientific” way of doing things, secularism.  One of the reasons for this desire to change is because I have always felt that many Christians, including myself, have experienced thoughts of superiority and self-righteousness.  And while I believe this will be an issue going forward for not only Christianity but other religions as well.  I also believe that secularism is not the answer to the problem of people feeling superior or self-righteous.

One thing that I have learned from the past year of going to school is that people feel enlightened by education.  Which is a good thing.  But I have also noticed that secularist seem to think that education is the only way to enlightenment.  And thus, secularist have created their own paradox.  They have put themselves in a situation of feeling superior to the dumb people who still believe in a God or deity of some sorts.  The secularist pacifies the anger of religious people by saying that all religions lead to the same thing and that all are equal.  And while I agree with this idea from time to time, it is false.

Those who make this claim often tell the story of the group of blind men touching an Elephant and compare the blind men to different religious sects.  This is the short version of the story.  A group of blind men is told that they will touch an Elephant and each blind person is to explain what the animal feels like.  Some of the people could be touching the trunk, others may be touching the legs, others may be touching the back and so on.  And when they are asked to explain what an elephant feels like each blind person has a completely different explanation.  While I love the analogy and agree with it from time to time, it is false.  The secularist or the person who claims that all religions are equal or lead to the same thing believes or rather, assumes that he or she sees the entire elephant.

While it is true that each person is self-righteous to a degree, secularist are not excluded.  They too have a set of beliefs and viewpoints that they hold to be true.  And no different than the many different religions, they too are making assumptions.  Assuming that they see the whole elephant.


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