Time Continues, But We Don’t

The older I become I realize how important it is to treat time as something that must be managed in all aspects of life.  Time, in how humanity thinks about it, continues, some may even believe that humanity will continue.  However, on an individual level, each human has an expiration date.  Time existed before we were born and it will continue to exist after we are dead.  

But for a brief moment, time is our property.  Time is ours to invest, it is ours to manage as it bears down on us and makes us old.  

Remember that at some point, someone close to us like a spouse, a sibling, or a parent will die and we will be left alone.  Or we will die, and they will be left alone.

At some point time will continue, but we won’t.  At that point, time is no longer our property.  

Instead of going off on how time should be spent wisely.  I am going to conclude with another thought, a thought that I somewhat stole from a scripture.  Death has no time, but comes as a thief in the night.      


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