Hating Money

I wish to share an experience in how I came to an understanding with my thoughts about money.

Last October while enrolled at a university, I was attending an economics class about the pricing of commodities.  The teacher Dr. McGarry, was going over some fancy equations involving algebra, calculus and some other words I didn’t understand (just joking, I actually understood what was going on).  When suddenly, I felt my skin tighten around me, my stomach churn, and my heart ache.  Dr. McGarry must have noticed me.  He turned to me and asked, “Are understanding all this?  You look a little lost.”  I replied with a soft voice, probably not much louder than a whisper, “yes, but I have just realized something.”   Dr. McGarry then asked, “what is that?”  I said, “I have just realized how much I hate money.”  The class laughed, and I was also one of those who were laughing. But in all honesty, it was a spiritual experience.  In a rush of thoughts, I realized how much I hate money.   The poverty, the riches, the abuse, the lies spread to acquire it, the complacency with its use, the blood spilled, and the hatred of men towards other men. All because of money.  My thoughts were these, “If this is what money causes, then I want no part of it.”  “Money brings nothing but injustice, malice, and greed, why on earth do we have to have money?”  My thoughts were these, but my understanding is this. Money is no longer a want but is simply a necessity used to create a safe environment for my family.

What are your thoughts about money?  When I shared this idea with a friend the other day, he responded this way.  “Well, that’s good for you.  Does this mean that you just want to earn enough money to get by?”  My answer is no.  

Creating a safe environment for my family means that an income must be sufficient enough to pay for physical, mental, and spiritual needs as well as wants.  An income must be great enough to provide sufficient retirement for my wife and I.  An income must be large enough to help my kids financially if need be from time to time.  Especially when they are young.  

Yes, I realize the importance of money.  I realize that I must earn it, that I must invest it. But, that doesn’t mean I have to love it.  That doesn’t mean I have to hate it either, but I do.    


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