A devious mind is not such a bad thing.  Sure I go off the beaten path, take the unpopular stance or more often than not simply do not understand why the beaten path is there, to begin with.  Taking the alternate route leads to adventure, discovery of new ideas and friends I may not have ever found otherwise.  Some of the biggest events that have occurred throughout human history happened because someone had a devious mind.  Of course, I am sure I am not going to start the next biggest event in human history, but I do learn from taking the devious course.  I know the name “A Devious Mind” sounds like the name of a dime store mystery novel or a story about how the billionaire became a billionaire.  Unfortunately for me, my mind is devious, I seem to only learn by taking the alternate route.

I grew up in Arizona, have lived in three other states and have done one type of job most all my working life.  I am married and have two children.  I am tired of going down the beaten path, so I am looking for and learning from the devious routes of life.